Reinforcing brand strength through innovation

In large scale manufacturing, products catering to specific needs of customers play a crucial role. We believe in producing right products for right application leveraging our technical excellence and manufacturing prowess. Innovation is at the very heart of this pursuit. Our teams are tirelessly working to continually improve our products which are tailor made to meet the specific requirments of different customers.

Research & development

Innovation for Holistic Development  

Being a research-led organisation, our aim is to consistently develop high-quality products through sustainable processes. From sourcing raw materials to restructuring our production and distribution chain, we are focused on embracing environment-friendly practices across the value chain.

Ramco Research Development Centre (RRDC), Chennai

Our sophisticated R&D centre is equipped with world-class technology, empowering us to develop innovative products and ground-breaking solutions. Our scientists and concrete experts work closely with industry stakeholders to understand the challenges faced by the builder community, and engineer better solutions that benefit everyone in the construction ecosystem.

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Innovation paving the path of sustainable growth

Our R&D scientists and concerete experts dedicate their efforts to optimising  
operational efficiency with environmentally-responsible practices.  



Pioneering Innovation for Sustainable Growth

Advancing cement manufacturing process through sustainable practices for reduced carbon footprint

First In League

First in India to utilize the X-ray fluorescence technique to deliver consistency in cement quality

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