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MACE,an acronym for Masons,Architects,Contractors and Engineers is the customer face of Ramco cements.MACE not only provides engineering solution for huge projects,is also provides after-sales support services to Individual Home Builders who use Ramco.This includes on-the-ground guidance on correct construction practices and some of the major concrete tests free of cost! This means tremendous cost-savings to consumers on expensive test,With its tireless,customer-friendly approach,MACE has won the support and admiration of customers and the trade

Role of MACE

MACE provides engineering solutions for huge projects, provides after-sales support services to Individual home builders who use Ramco,on-site guidance , some of the major tests on concrete , all free of cost!


Free Mobile Technical Services
  1. Technical Assistance
    • Free Technical assistance to customers at all stages of construction to ensure consistent quality concrete. This service is provided by our highly qualified and trained Civil Engineers from our MACE Division.
    • For providing this service, we have deployed Vans equipped with necessary testing equipment’s in which our Civil Engineers travels from site to site and offers suitable advice to customers to make a good quality concrete.
  2. Concrete test for long-lasting structures

    As part of quality assurance measures, we offer the following services to test the ingredients used in concrete and to check the quality of concrete both in fresh and hardened state.

    Water pH Test:
    This is the measure of pH level of water to ensure the suitability of water for construction purpose.
    Our Civil engineer takes water sample from the site and checks the pH level by means of pH meter. The pH level of water is determined instantly and our engineer provides recommendations to customers based on the test results.

    Slump Test:
    This test is normally done to assess the consistency of freshly produced concrete at construction site.
    Our Civil Engineer visits the site during concreting works and performs slump test with slump cone and tamping rod. Based on the slump value, our Engineer recommends the correct amount of water to be used for the mix.
    Too low or too high slump gives a warning about deficit/excess water content in the mix and our technical engineer advises suitable mix proportion, water content for the mix immediately.

    Compressive Strength Test:
    This is the measure of the concrete’s load bearing capacity.
    Our vans are equipped with cube moulds for casting cubes from the fresh concrete being laid at the construction site.
    We cast the cubes at site, cure it and transport it to our laboratory or any nearby colleges/institutions of the customer’s choice, all at our cost.
    The cubes are tested in the presence of the customer for determining the compressive strength and a test Certificate is provided by the testing institution, all charges for testing borne by us.
    The Test Report serves as a proof of quality of the concrete and would be a useful record for future reference purpose.

    Rebound Hammer Test:
    This test is an alternative method for determining the compressive strength of concrete.
    This is done for completed structures for which cube testing was not done due to any reason. This non-destructive test indicates approximate compressive strength of concrete and gives a fair idea about the load bearing capacity of concrete .
    The rebound hammer is easy to use and provides a large number of readings in a short time.
    Rebound hammer test are done in front of the customers by our Civil Engineers at site to give an approximate idea on the compressive strength of concrete.

  3. Cover blocks for durable concrete
    • It is important to provide cover to the steel in case of RCC works so that the rebar doesn’t corrode and to provide fire protection to the rebar. If the cover is not recommended, the rebar will corrode with time and will ultimately result in premature failure of the structure.
    • Using cover blocks enhances the life of the structure significantly without adding much to the cost.
    • Customers are educated about the importance of using cover blocks and masking tapes by our Civil Engineers through site visits.
  4. Good building practices to aid construction
    • Our Civil Engineers are constantly providing tips on good construction practices to customers so that they can ensure that these practices are followed at every stage of construction to prevent failure of the structure.
    • Our Civil Engineers in coordination with our Cement and Concrete technologists at our RRDC (Ramco Research Development Centre) offers customers the best available solutions to make a durable concrete.

MACE brings out a technical journal titled "Tech Mantra" for the benefit of Cement, concrete and construction professionals.
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