download-pdfAnnual Report 2019-20

We are progressively aligning our business model, strategy and actions to the requirements of safety and sustainability. We are channelising our efforts towards making our products and processes more sustainable, optimising resource management, conserving biodiversity and reducing emissions to enhance sustainable performance. Nurturing our strong safety culture is also a key element of this effort.

Product and process stewardship

We have a strong R&D department which evaluates and analyses the impact of our products and processes on an ongoing basis. This helps us make our business process more sustainable and reduce carbon footprint by use of alternative materials and fuels in production process. We are presently undertaking research on the raw mix in production process to make it more energy efficient. Our flagship Super Grade brand is certified as Green Cement and has been conferred the 'GreenPro Award' by the Confederation of Indian Industry for adopting green measures across life cycle

Bio diversity conservation

All our plants have installed rainwater harvesting systems and undertake developing ponds and desilting lakes in their vicinity. We also ensure all sewage is treated and recycled for use in various purposes at plants and colonies. Our Pudupalayam North Mines has been awarded 5-Star rating from the Ministry of Mines for the second consecutive year for implementation of sustainable development framework

Green energy

We are continually investing in sustainable energy generation to reduce our carbon footprint. We, along with our subsidiary, have a total of 165.785 MW of windmill capacity. We are also in the process of adding 39.15 MW of WHRS capacity at our new cement plants of which 21.15 MW will come on stream in FY 2020-21 and rest by FY 2021-22.

Core Team - Waste Segregation as part of the Waste Management

Managing waste and plastics with Ramco Recycles

Ramco Recycles is our waste management project initiated in association with Auroville to protect the environment around us.
A team of Garbology experts came up with effective waste management techniques reducing, reusing and recycling waste, segregating it at source and disposing it safely. To ensure its effectiveness, various waste management programmes were conducted across our office, factory and school locations to propagate the environment protection as a first step in waste segregation. We also worked closely with the Government of Tamil Nadu to introduce lessons on Garbology and 'No Plastics' in text books. Further, at our offices, we have redesigned the mechanism to implement effective waste management techniques and to reach the goal of 'Paperless Office' and 'Zero Waste'

Active Participation in the Waste Management initiative across Ramco Group – A Big Team

We have contributed to protecting trees and ecosystem by saving huge quantum of papers through conducting paperless Directors' meeting. Across the Company, many such paperless meetings were held, resulting in manifold savings.

Ramco Digiboard

Ramco Digi board is an initiative focussed on protecting trees by eliminating the use of paper. Under the initiative, we are ensuring that all meetings of the Board of Directors including its various committees are conducted completely paperless.

Adopting highest standards of health and safety

We have adopted globally accepted best safety practices across our manufacturing plants which are OHSAS certified. We continue to measure their effectiveness by monitoring key performance indicators and conducting regular safety audits through consultants based on which safety manuals are developed and initiatives implemented. We have a safety team across plants and also in corporate office to control and monitor the safety aspects of all the units. All newly recruited employees are inducted through a safety programme before putting them on the job.