download-pdfAnnual Report 2019-20

Leadership Team


Mr. A. V. Dharmakrishnan

Chief Executive Officer

He joined the Company when it was having a single manufacturing unit and grew with it to become the Chief Executive Officer. He is now heading and successfully steering the Company in all its spheres of operations. A great believer of the digital management system, he is responsible for introducing data-driven decision-making and management control system across all layers of the organisation.


Mr. Balaji K Moorthy

Executive Director - Marketing

He heads the marketing functions of the Company. With the rapid expansion in the manufacturing capacity of the Company, he is responsible for creating various new markets in Karnataka, Odisha, West Bengal, etc. He is credited with popularising the various brands of the Company, which are vital for its progress.


Mr. M. Srinivasan

Executive Director - Operations

He heads the manufacturing team and is responsible for production, quality control and research & development activities. His vast knowledge in the chemistry of cement has helped the organisation in the development of various types of cement for specialised applications. He is also heading the project team executing the capacity augmentation projects.


Mr. S. Vaithiyanathan

Chief Financial Officer

He heads the Finance and Accounts teams of the Company. He is responsible for project financial planning, tax planning, internal controls, commercial and logistics operations of the Company. He is also responsible for managing the Company’s finances, management of financial risks and other operational risks, maintenance of books of accounts, financial reporting and analysis of data. He assists the Company on all strategic and tactical matters relating to budget management, cost-benefit analysis and forecasting.


Mr. K. Selvanayagam


He heads the Secretarial and related compliance functions of the Company. He handles meetings, and all in-house share-related matters including connectivity with NSDL and CDSL. He has handled bonus issues, buy-back of shares, etc., and is responsible for introducing paperless Board Meetings. Contributing to inhouse management training programmes and the large CSR functions of the Company are his added responsibilities.

Senior Executive Team

We have a robust team of experienced people who bring in their expertise in diverse fields. Their management and specific skills have helped create a strong organisational foundation and is paving the way for long-term sustainable growth.

Mr. Raghuram Devarakonda

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Jayakumar K

Sr. Vice President - Marketing

Mr. Chidambaram M

Sr. Vice President - Administration

Mr. Murthy Rao S V R K

Vice President - Process

Mr. Ramakrishnan R

President - Marketing

Mr. Ramalingam S

Sr. Vice President - Mfg.

Mr. Reddy Nagaraju

Sr. Vice President - Projects

Mr. Ramanathan N R

Vice President - Works

Mr. Ravishankar N

President - Manufacturing

Mr. Prabhu Nambiappan

Sr. Vice President - HR

Mr. Santhana Krishnan V

Vice President - Works

Mr. Ravichandran C

Vice President - Liaison and CSR

Mr. Sai Kumar M J

Sr. Vice President - HR

Mr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava

Sr. Vice President - Mfg.

Mr. Ramaraj S

Vice President - Administration

Mr. Renjit Jacob Mathews

Vice President - Marketing