download-pdfAnnual Report 2019-20

Innovating across Products and Services for a Superior Customer Experience

Customers are at the centre of everything that we do. We are bringing to fore our decades of knowledge and R&D expertise and deep understanding of customers' needs to develop products and services to ensure superior experience. By doing this, we are ensuring a better future for our stakeholders.

Dedicated R&D centre to develop right cement products

Our dedicated Research & Development (R&D) Centre comprises a strong team of scientists. They conduct extensive tests in cement and concrete to develop unique and sustainable products. The team is dedicated to developing solutions to address the challenges faced by the customers. The effectiveness of our R&D team is evident in our unique portfolio of 12 products that are developed to address specific requirements.

Co-partnering customer for customised solution

We are leveraging our R&D capability to innovate and differentiate with the 'right cement product for the right application' to offer customisation and unique value proposition to consumers. Our products find application in mega construction projects of institutional customers, Government-led infrastructure projects and individual home builders. We cater to the specific needs of each of these customer segments by providing high-quality right products and need-based solutions.

Our differentiated products and their uniqueness

Ramco Supergrade

For producing durable concrete with less heat of hydration and lesser lime leaching

Ramco Supercrete

High strength cement with low heat of hydration for crack-free concrete

Ramco Superfine EFC

For making concrete with high durability and enhanced impermeability

Ramco Super Steel

For high grade concrete in environment with extreme exposure conditions

OPC 53

For high strength concrete

OPC 43

For high strength concrete, suitable for cement sheet manufacturing and government works


For all infrastructure projects like bridges, flyovers, tunnels which requires concrete with high slump retention


For high strength and high slump concrete generally used for government works – For structures like nuclear power projects

Ramco Super Fast

A rapid hardening Portland Cement customised for manufacturing precast items like hollow blocks, solid blocks, paving blocks, fly ash bricks and other precast items

Ramco Super Coast

Suitable for concreting in areas with high concentration of sulphates

Karthik Super Plus

Blended cement for canal works and concreting where low heat of hydration is required

Ramco Samudra

For durable concrete with low heat of hydration

The all-new Ramco Supercrete premium blended cement

High strength, crack-resistant cement

Ramco Cements, which is in the midst of a massive capacity expansion, has introduced crack-resistant premium blended cement - Ramco Supercrete as we seek to graduate to a cement solution provider.

It addresses the need for high strength concrete and promises durability, making it ideal for infrastructure projects. It is engineered as an environment-friendly, crack-resistant cement with excellent workability and compatibility with m-sand.

Ramco Supercrete features

Low heat of hydration
Early hardening
Good workability
High ultimate strength
Superior durability
High m-sand compatibility

Masons, Architects, Contractors & Engineers - (MACE Division)

Providing value-added services

Our MACE division is a unique attempt to provide on-site technical assistance to customers. It aims to enable our customers to get maximum benefits from our products by guiding them on correct practices using the right products for right applications and in the right manner. We provide engineering solutions for huge projects and after-sales support services to Individual Home Builders as well as mobile technical services. Being a free support service, it also contributes to significant cost savings for the customers.

Providing reliable information to customers

The pandemic has restricted face-to-face business meetings and interactions with customers. Yet, understanding fully the necessity to engage with them, we provided a reliable platform in online webinars to enable leading industry experts and knowledgeable domain specialists to disseminate reliable information on prevailing trends and share good practices. We are confident that these online webinars will establish a foundation of goodwill and enhance the emotional connections with customers.

We were also instrumental in organising a 4-day virtual conference on the theme Recent Advances in Geotechnics in Infrastructure 2020. It was conducted in collaboration with Association of Consulting Civil Engineers & Indian Geotechnical Society, National Institute of Engineering, Mysore and Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysore. This was the first time that this conference was conducted online with views exceeding 10,000.

Free mobile technical services

Advice on making good quality concrete

Free technical assistance through qualified civil engineers at every construction stage

Testing services

Mr. Anil Kumar Pillai, GM -Technical Services

One type of cement cannot fulfil various requirements of concrete. After interacting with customers who undertake various kinds of mega projects, we had realised that the key to a good concrete is to define the requirements in terms of strength, workability and durability. Based on that we help the customers to select the most suitable cement out of our basket of 12 different types of cement. When we customise cement, based on applications we deliver the value proposition which is the aspiration of professionals from the construction industry. This not only ensures, construction of a high strength structure, but also economises the cost - A standing testimony for our Research & Development.

Mr. Suraj Kumar, AGM - Technical Services

Our MACE Division - the Technical Services team comprising Civil Engineers and Construction Experts, reach out to building sites, especially in rural areas where the awareness about good concreting practices is low. We had bridged this information gap through our team.

The series of webinars conducted during the COVID-19 lockdown, helped us to strengthen our relationship amongst construction professionals - both private and government. These webinars through discussion on various topics of Civil Engineering helped the Company to connect customer's customer - like the Architects and Consultants with major projects or Individual projects/House builders.