download-pdfAnnual Report 2019-20

Growing Sustainably Over the Years

10-year comparison of Key Performance Parameters (FY 2010-11 vs FY 2019-20)

Net revenue from operations growth


FY 2010-11₹ 2,644.69 Crores

FY 2019-20₹ 5,405.64 Crores

EBITDA growth


FY 2010-11₹ 657.31 Crores

FY 2019-20₹ 1,173.82 Crores

Profit after tax growth


FY 2010-11₹ 210.98 Crores

FY 2019-20₹ 601.09 Crores

Market capitalisation growth


FY 2010-11₹ 2,427 Crores

FY 2019-20₹ 12,082 Crores

Net Worth growth


FY 2010-11₹ 1,734.51 Crores

FY 2019-20₹ 4,918.56 Crores

Gross fixed assets growth


FY 2010-11₹ 5,836.88 Crores

FY 2019-20₹ 11,443.15 Crores

Operating profit and operating profit margin (₹ in Crores)

PAT and PAT margin (₹ in Crores)

Total power production (windfarm and power plants) (Lac Units)

Cement sales volume (Lac Tons)

Net revenue from operations(₹ in Crores)

Cement production and capacity utilisation (Lac Tons)

Earnings per share (₹)

Market Capitalisation(₹ in Crores)

Capital Employed and Return on Capital Employed (₹ in Crores)

Net Worth and Return on Net Worth(₹ in Crores)

Net Cash Generation*(₹ in Crores)

Net Fixed Assets and Asset Turnover Ratio (₹ in Crores)

Carbon emission reduction from windmills (Tons)

No. of Employees & Revenue generated per Employee

Cost analysis as a percentage of Revenue

Economic Value Added (EVA)